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A Minute For Madelaine McCann

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On the site you will see a short video about Madelaine. There are some interesting comments below that post. One of which has a lists some very good points. There is a lot of unanswered questions about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and we sincerely hope that someday the world will know the full truth of the matter and pray for her safe return to her parents.

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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Car Crime UK - Going Up Not Down?

ANALYSIS of official crime figures has led one industry expert to question the Government’s statistics.

Carl Brandrick, MD of Nice 1 Ltd, has been looking at the just published British Crime Survey figures, and comparing it to official Police Recorded Crime. He’s discovered big disparities – with a huge relevance to to the owners of the 30million+ licensed vehicles on UK roads.

British Crime Survey figures, he says, show there were 10.6 million crimes last year. Police data, however, puts this figure at 4.7 million. Why the huge difference? Simple: Police data shows recorded crime only.

‘When you consider that only 65 percent of house burglaries are reported (and, thus, recorded) – and just 45 percent of car crime is reported, you can see how concerned I am.’

"Indeed, the difference, he suggests, runs contrary to headlines claiming crime is going down. And there’s even more to it than just that", says the replacement vehicle insurance company boss.

A big car crime growth area is the theft of keys from houses. Which is reported by the Police as… house burglary…… and thus NOT included in car crime stats.

The former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith released the number of car key thefts in 2008. There were a hefty 18,600 of them. ‘When these numbers are factored into the car theft figures, it reverses the headline-grabbing -14 percent decrease in car theft, to -2 percent’ reveals Brandrick.

Looking at other factors too, it’s led him to state that ‘it is almost certain we are talking about a car crime increase, not a decrease.’

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WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot and killed outside the libyans people bureau in 1984. Her killer was released from the bureau and returned to Libya a few days later. In view of the compassion shown by the UK to the lockerbie bomber, her killer should be returned to the UK to face justice.

A petition has been raised on the site

To support this petition click

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cash For Crash Fraudster staged almost 100 car crashes and cost insurers £1.6m

• Mohammed Patel charged £500 a time to stage 'accidents'
• Office workers noticed high number of crashes at roundabout

A "crash for cash" fraudster who lived the high life on the proceeds of staged accidents and cost the insurance industry £1.6m was jailed today.

Mohammed Patel, 24, charged £500 a time to stage accidents which enabled fraudsters to claim an average of £17,000 from insurers. He staged at least 93 crashes, earning himself around £46,000, Manchester's Minshull Street crown court heard.

Patel, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, admitted one count of conspiracy to defraud, six counts of dangerous driving and four counts of driving while disqualified. He was jailed for four and a half years and banned from driving for three and a half years.

William Baker, prosecuting, said Patel's earnings funded an "Aladdin's cave" at the home of his unemployed girlfriend, Ettorina Hay. The court heard the pair enjoyed luxurious foreign holidays and drove expensive cars.

Baker said the scam was exposed by suspicious office workers at Bovis Homes, who overlooked the Eden Point roundabout on the A34 at Cheadle Hulme. He said that in the latter part of 2005 "they became suspicious that road traffic accidents were being staged" because of the number and similarities of crashes.

Baker, describing the set-up, said: "One vehicle colliding with another at low speed with minor damage and often the same person driving the lead vehicle. They told drivers of the rear vehicles they thought they were the victim of fraud."

Baker said: "Mohammed Patel staged the road traffic accidents. He drove cars on to the roundabout and then stopped them so abruptly the vehicle behind could not avoid a collision.

Fraudulent claims, submitted by people not present at the scene whom Patel purported to be, were then made. Claims would include compensation for injuries such as whiplash, damage to the vehicle, a hire car, and storage of the damaged vehicle.

Baker said Patel staged the accidents between May 2005 and August 2008. Patel was arrested in Bolton on 7 August last year and gave a prepared statement to police. He pleaded guilty to the charges.

Crime Analysis Team
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Click on the map or the link in the sidebar

An interactive map offering detailed crime statistics on every street in England and Wales crashed hours after its launch yesterday.

Those attempting to visit the site, were shown an automated message saying it was temporarily unavailable.

The teething problems surfaced as Home Office minister David Hanson officially unveiled the website during a visit to a regeneration project in south west London. He was joined by National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) deputy chief executive Steve Mortimore, whose colleagues drew up the map.

The website aims to offer members of the public unprecedented access to information about crimes taking place in their neighbourhood. The national map follows on the heels of regional versions created by the 43 forces across England and Wales.

Users should be able to access figures on levels of burglary, robbery, violence, vehicle crime and anti-social behaviour. They can also compare one area against another and compare figures against the same period the previous year to see if crime is getting better or worse. The website also offers messages from senior officers and links to local policing priorities and information about forthcoming crime-fighting events.

A Home Office spokesman said: "The high level of public interest in the new national crime map has put temporary pressure on the website. Urgent work is under way to resolve this and the website should be working again shortly."

The launch of the “Crime Mapping” facility, unites the crime statistics of the 43 police forces of England & Wales under one software banner for the first time.

This is long overdue. Earlier in the week an article posted on complained that the Home Office were allowing 8 forces responsible for 40% of the population and 48% of crime to use their own software. Cynical perhaps, but we suspected that this was yet another Home Office strategy to prevent the general public from accessing the full picture of current recorded crime, and also continuing the “fudging” of figures.

After the shaky start when the facility kept freezing up, it started to work more efficiently this evening. We have attached a composite report of the 43 forces current recorded crime for Burglary, Car Crime, Robbery and All recorded crime. On completion, we are not one bit convinced that the police recording of crime is now an accurate reflection of crime in the UK.

A few observations.

• The “All Crime” monthly average for the most recent three months is 357,365 incidents
• On that basis, the full year forecast will be 4,288,380 crimes
• In 2008 the recorded crime incident was 4,703,814 (-415,434)
• Will we be expected to believe a crime reduction of 13.4% ??
• This is more than a months full crime reporting for the nation!

Click on table below to see larger image

• In 2008 as in previous years, the BCS estimates of crime were over twice that of recorded crime
• Front line officers tell us that if anything, the volume of crime is increasing NOT decreasing
• Crimes are often misclassified… robbery downgraded to theft, car theft included in burglary when keys are stolen on egress
• How many crimes are not now reported as such, if the victim does not insist? (Citizen focus?)
• Has public confidence sunk so low that they have simply lost all faith in reporting?
• The BCS last year suggested that reporting had dropped as low as 33% for some offences, to 38% overall

To quote from the Home Office BCS : “For the crime types it covers, the BCS provides a better reflection of the true extent of household and personal crime than police recorded statistics because the survey includes crimes that are not reported to or recorded by the police. The primary purpose of the BCS is to provide national level analysis but some headline figures are available at regional and police force area level. The BCS is also a better indicator of long-term trends than police recorded crime because it is unaffected by changes in levels of reporting to the police or police recording practices”.

• This implies that the Government will place importance on police recorded crime only when it suits them. i.e. If recorded crime shows a decrease, with all the measures introduced to achieve that.
• The table below shows a steady decline in reporting of overall crime in the last 12 years, coincidentally the years of New Labour.
• Does this explain the “gap” of crimes that seem to have appeared in the reduction of reported crime?
• With so many new offences created, we are advised that it is simple to reallocate a reported offence to a lesser category.
• Section 5 Public Order Offences (crimeable) are now commonly demoted to drunk and disorderly (no crime report)
• Of those interviewed by BCS, 76% said they did not report because they felt the police would not/could not do anything

Click on table below to see larger image

• Is that what the Criminal Justice System has come to, that the public won’t report because they have lost heart?
• Could this be a major contributory factor to the decrease in recorded crime?
• Has the massive surge in bureaucracy resulted in the massive misreporting of crime?
• How timely that the Government have pushed through the alignment of 43 forces data for current crime
• Are they planning yet another media spin about how crime has been dramatically decreased thanks to their effort?
• The recorded crime shows reductions of 5% burglary, 18% car crime, 7% for robbery and overall crime
• The target, performance and senior officer bonus culture will continue to “fudge” until stopped.
• We are guessing that a Home Office release will be imminent.

We wish we could accompany all of this skepticism with a dose of solutions, but unfortunately, we cannot yet see an answer. Clearly, the crime recording system is flawed and unreliable as a measure of crime. Detections are similarly distorted it would seem. It will be a courageous team that arrives at an acceptable solution that will encourage confidence to return, in the face of a Government and senior management teams that will apply many more dirty tricks to keep their noses buried in that trough. The BCS is only based on a trawl of 46,000 members of the public which hardly seems representative.

We would advocate and support the proposal to make crime statistics properly independent. This would remove responsibility for compiling and publishing crime figures from the Home Office. The responsibility should be placed with the Office for National Statistics which is totally independent. The pre-release access that Ministers and political advisers get to crime statistics should be abolished – so the public would be the first to get an honest account of the facts. Any politician can talk about resuscitating public trust.

The party that demonstrates their intentions and follows it up with decisive transparent and honest action that is genuinely in the public interest, will have the best chance of achieving it.

Crime Analysis Team
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Monday, 7 September 2009

Car stolen in man's final hours

A cancer patient had his car stolen from his Birmingham home while his family members were at his side during his final few hours, police said.

Thieves entered Scott Wright's home and took the car keys and his mother's handbag as the family gathered at his bedside on Wednesday night.

Mr Wright, 26, of Holliday Road, in Erdington, died the next morning.
To read the full story click here

Sunday, 6 September 2009


The team at Nice 1 Ltd, providers of Theft Protect replacement vehicle solutions, are delighted to announce the blistering launch of their new site "The Thin Blue Line", whose aim is to support the front line police officers of the UK. To visit the new site click here

The site collects valuable experiences about real life crime and policing issues, and combines them with the crime analysis efforts of our sister site "Car Crime UK" to raise consumer awareness about the true picture of crime.

To see a few of the new articles posted on The Thin Blue Line click the link(s) below :-

Please feel free to visit the sites and share your thoughts about crime and policing.

Kind Regards

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Wednesday, 12 August 2009



The team at Nice 1, providers of Theft Protect Replacement Vehicle Insurance, are delighted to provide access to a great new resource for UK motorists that is totally FREE.

Type a postcode and registration number into this free online tool, confirm the vehicle make and model, and you are then presented with a security rating for that car and the location it is kept.

This solves the age old mystery for UK motorists – how to get free access to information about how safe from crime their vehicle is, or how safe the vehicle they are planning to buy is, according to the area where it’s parked in and the type of vehicle it is.

This unique tool also provides the ABI security ranking, and explains how that system rates male and female drivers according to age. Few people know that a female under 24 or a male under 30 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 20 ABI groups. Insurance will go up rapidly after ABI 20, and most insurers will decline above ABI 33. Females over 24 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 33 ABI and insurance will go up rapidly after ABI 33. Males over 30 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 33 ABI and insurance will go up rapidly after 33.

The security rating is an estimate based on government and industry vehicle crime data. The data is combined to take account of where the vehicle is kept overnight, the vehicle's theft desirability and manufactured security. Scores range from 'excellent' - nine stars or more - to 'extremely poor' - one star. An 'excellent' score has an approximate probability of less than 1-in-1000 chance of being stolen, broken into or vandalised over the year and 'extremely poor' has a greater than 1-in-10 chance."

The tool draws its data from the ABI and the Thatcham vehicle security site. Thatcham is the research and development unit owned by the UK insurance industry.

So, whether your customer is thinking of buying a new car, getting or renewing their car insurance, or simply want to find out how secure their car is, click the link below or to the right of the page.

Brokers should do this on behalf of the customer, as the link directs to an alternative insurance portal.

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Sunday, 9 August 2009


double click the map to see it larger then hit back button to return here

The team at Nice 1 Limited regularly produce car crime information for the UK motoring public and to assist the marketing efforts of our authorised Theft Protect agents.

For the first time in the UK, Nice 1 are delighted to produce the 2009 Car Crime figures by Post Code area. The information contained on the map above and tables below is extracted from the full Home Office statistics. Insurance companies and intermediaries frequently publish similar data, however, their data is only drawn from the sample of their own customers. The information reprinted here is the most accurate and current information compiled from the car crime incidents recorded by the UK police forces.

Full UK car crime data is available, both as incident counts per town or city, and as the detail below, on the basis of a count per 1000 head of population. The national average for car theft is around 7 per 1000. The map and tables below provide an indication as to the vulnerability to car theft offences in the safest and riskest places in the UK.



Nice 1 Ltd collate car crime statistics from Home Office and police sources in order to provide the UK motoring public with the most accurate picture of car crime across the country and in specific areas. In addition to the offences per head of population, information is also gathered about the number of incidents recorded per town and city.

Further details may be requested by e mail at the contact address at the foot of the page or by clicking the contact me button elsewhere on these pages.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

UK Crime 2008/09 - At A Glance - Part 1

Click the map for a larger view, then hit the back button to return here


The crime analysis team at Nice 1 Limited are delighted to be the first to present the "real picture" of car crime in the UK, compiled from the recently released Home Office crime figures.

In the first of the series published from the latest Nice 1 site at we look at car crime as it was recorded by the 43 police forces of England & Wales* for the 2008/09 financial year.

Previous articles from these pages and the other Nice 1 sites have commented on the disparity between the two sets of Home Office crime statistics that reflect an under reporting of all categories of crime. See previous posts for details.

A new series of articles examining the Home Office crime figures will be published from the new crime statistics site at Click the link to explore the new site and to sign up for updates as they are posted

The Nice 1 team, starting with Home Office source data, have amalgamated the correct population figures for each of the 376 local authority districts, and allocated the crime statistics to the post codes of the areas concerned. From this, we were able to produce, for the first time, a post code map of the UK highlighting the Car Crime hotspots.

This visual representation is unique in that it portrays the statitics more clearly. Please remember though, that this is the "best case" scenario, in light of the under reporting, and under allocation issues previously reported.

In the map above, the areas marked in red suffered significantly higher than average levels of car crime in 2008/09. Areas in amber were at best, in line with the national average. Areas in white encountered lower levels of car crime than average. The map should be read in line with the previous statistical reports, showing the number of incidents and the frequency of offences per 1000 head of population. (The Nice 1 Team do not believe this is the most accurate method for calculating frequency, and we are concluding our report that combines theft incidents with vehicles licensed on UK roads for the period, which is a more accurate representation).

Future visual crime mapping will include anlysis of key police recorded incidents including:-

  • Burglary
  • Violence against the person
  • Robbery
  • Other Theft Offences
  • Fraud & Forgery
  • Criminal Damage

The Nice 1 Team are happy to assist you, should you require further information about the extent and trends of crime in your area. To contact us, click the 'contact me' button, or see the contact details at the foot of the page.

Businesses involved in car insurance, motor sales, finance and security are welcome to contact us for more information on how our crime analysis can help you with your marketing efforts.

To sign up for updates as they appear on these pages, complete your details in the e mail link to the right of this article.

To view other articles with news content about crime in the uk, please visit our consumer site at

The Crime Analysis Team

Nice 1 Limited

*Scotland & Ireland are not included in the police source data

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


  • The crime analysis team at Nice 1 Ltd are delighted to announce that a new site has been launched to provide "At-A-Glance" reviews of the recently released Home Office crime figures.
  • The new site, launched to co-incide with the ITV1 series presented by trevor McDonald, presents information in easy to view formats, enabling the consumer and trade professionals to quickly identify crime trends by each geographical district in the UK.
  • The reports are often incisive and frequently contraversial in their findings, placing a different slant on the variances between recorded police crime and the much larger incident numbers that go unreported.
To view the new site click here

Happy reading!

The Crime Analysis Team
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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Car Crime UK - Going Up Not Down? Car Dealer Magazine Article

click the image above to see the article in full

The team at Nice 1 are pleased to report that a further article has appeared in the popular Car Dealer Magazine.

Car Dealer is circulated in print and electronic format to over 15,000 motor industry professionals across the UK.

The article, analysing the recent crime statistics published by the Home Office, provides an independent insight into the real picture of car crime in the UK.

The article findings come as Sir Trevor McDonald fronts a big six-part ITV1 series on car crime.

Producers say the series highlights the 170,000 cars stolen in the UK each year - with Police forces in Manchester dealing with a 'huge increase in criminals who break into houses to steal keys'.

Within all of this are several areas insurance companies and brokers should consider. After seeing the shows on TV, your customers have the topic fresh in their mind and may well ask you how they might ne protected in the event of car crime. . . . best to be prepared!

To view the article, click here or the image above.

Nice 1 provide Theft Protect Replacement Vehicle Insurance to the insurance and motor sectors. The company also produces regular up-to-date car and burglary data for the benefit of the UK motoring consumer and our insurance and motor partners.

Feel free to explore these pages and previous articles to find out more about how Theft Protect can help you, your customers and your business.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Car Crime UK - "Car Key Theft" - First Of A New Series With Sir Trevor McDonald

In case you missed it, Trevor McDonald presented the first of a new series on ITV last night, which takes a look at the work of specialist police car crime teams, focusing on two areas - Manchester and Devon and Cornwall.
To watch the program, click here or the image of Trevor above. A 6 minute highlight video of the program is featured lower down this page.
The program presents a front row seat into the work of the police fighting the battle against car crime in the UK.
As regular readers of these pages will know, the team at Nice 1 provide regular updates for the UK motorist on car crime in your area. This includes information about the most popular cars stolen by car thieves, top tips to keep your car secure, and choosing your car insurance provider.
Following the release of the latest crime figures by the Home Office, Nice 1 are busy analysing the report so that we can keep you informed over the coming weeks. "Car Key Theft" as it has become known, is an increasingly worrying development in the modus operandi of the UK car criminal. Improvements in car security have made the theft of newer cars more difficult, so they take the dramatic next step, breaking into your house to steal the keys.
The trend is more worrying than the crime figures reveal though.

18,599 cars were stolen last year by stealing keys. However, these numbers are reported as "Burglary Dwelling House" or "Robbery" (for incidents such as car jacking).

This has the effect of artificially supressing the car crime numbers. One of the Home Office reports suggest car theft has decreased by 7.4% in 2008 against the 2007 incidents.

When the 18,599 incidents are added back to the car theft numbers, it reverses the trend to a 4% increase.

A copy of the Nice 1 analysis report has been sent to the Shadow Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP for his comments.

Nice 1 are the providers of Theft Protect, a unique like-for-like replacement vehicle insurance policy designed for victims of car theft.

Cover is available for up to 28 days, with a wide range of replacement vehicles to keep you mobile in the unhappy event that your car is stolen.

Theft Protect is available through a network of UK Insurance brokers, motor manufacturers, dealers and car finance companies.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009



An article in the Insurance Times today reports that AA/Saga plans to take its credit hire arrangements in-house in an attempt to save millions of pounds. The move could trigger other insurers to follow suit as frustration grows at the level of expenses incurred in the process.

To read the full article "A NEW DAWN FOR CREDIT HIRE" click here

The insurance industry has opposed the activities of credit hire firms since the emergence of the industry in the eighties. For over twenty years insurers have adopted an adversarial stance to the existence of credit hire as a concept, with both sides entering into protracted and expensive litigation on points of law. A number of legal precedents have been set down from the High Court and Court of Appeal as a result of the arguments between the two industries.

An insurer owning its own credit hire company is an interesting business concept, something which insurers have looked at for some time, and now AA/Saga has taken the plunge.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the AA/Saga relationships with other insurers. Will negligent insurers pay the AA/Saga credit hire claims any faster than the existing credit hire operators?

In a seperate Insurance Times article on the subject, Ai Claims Solutions commercial director Chris Shaw countered that not all credit hire companies had adversarial relationships with insurers. He said: “The issue was not about referral fees but about hire durations".

To read this article click here

On the face of it, this comment seems to be somehwat naive. Of course it's about referral fees, they are part of the problem the insurers want to remove. Insurers have been applying pressure to brokers for many months now regarding their relationships with accident management and credit hire companies. Insurers have threatened brokers with reduced commission levels if blacklisted credit hire and accident management companies are being supported.

The arrival of the comparison site aggregators, a prolonged period with soft rates and the current economic climate has forced brokers to seek alternative sources of income to supplement diminsihing margins from motor insurance. The accident management sector has become fiercely competetive in its search for non fault accident victims, offering increasingly lucrative inducements to brokers for such referrals.

Insurers have cashed in on the deal too, with many millions being paid in referral commissions to insurance companies by credit hire companies for the introduction of non fault accident policyholders. Commissions are paid for credit hires and personal injury cases, with referral fees as high as £800 being paid per case.

There have been instances of large insurer organsiations writing motor insurance premiums with 0% commission to increase market share. The business model of a number of these companies includes owning their own accident management company. Let us look at why such an organisation would write premiums at 0%.

Assume 1000 motor policies are sold with average commission of £75.00 = £75,000
A 20% claim ratio = 200 claims. Assume £500 income per claim = £100,000

These organisations have learned that there is a greater income opportunity from claims income than from policy sales.

Insiders from within both industries have long since speculated that this level of referral rates were not sustainable in the long term.

The same insurers receiving generous credit hire referral fees have also been exerting pressure on brokers for supporting credit hire companies!

These factors are undoubtedly part of the rational behind the development of the AA/Saga credit hire operation. With such a business, they will control their own exposure to such claims and undoubtedly generate significant income streams from those cases where their customer is the non fault party.


Of greater interest perhaps, is the potential impact insurers providing credit hire will have on insurance brokers in the UK.

The success or failure of the AA/Saga credit hire venture will either encourage other insurers to follow suit, or seek alternative strategies to combat the growth of the sector.

One thing is certain. The credit hire and accident management organisations will not take the competition lying down. They will use their considerable resources to protect their business models. The non fault accident market has become a race to see who can capture "First Touch" of the customer. The accident managers have become adept at the practice, which is undoubtedly why the insurers are now considering "playing them at their own game".

Other insurers may follow the lead of the AA/Saga team and develop their own credit hire solutions. This would have the effect of restricting the size of the potential accident marketplace, reducing income opportunities for brokers working with accident management companies.

Prudent brokers will not have put all their eggs in one basket and become over reliant on accident management referral income.

The more successful brokers have quickly recognised the benefits of adding value to the customer experience.

In a marketplace is dominated by price driven consumers, innovative thinking brokers will always succeed in securing and retaining business by providing enhanced service that the internet cannot compete with, qualified advice and quality products.

Brokers that have developed successful "Add On" strategies for such quality products are booming even in the midst of an economic downturn.

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Saturday, 11 July 2009


The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) have this week published the latest UK Scrappage sales. Much has been reported about how the scheme has had a positive impact on the UK Motor sector and this is most welcome.
To download the latest car registration figures for June and 2009 to date, listing all the manufacturers, click here.
In this article we examine the precise impact those sales have had on individual manufacturer performance and the sector as a whole.
To read the article click here As a UK insurer, broker or intermediary providing car insurance, you can significantly enhance the customer experience and your add on income by offering your customer Theft Protect Replacement Vehicle Insurance.
Details from and via the links on our blog

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Police warn drivers not to hide car keys at home... to avoid violent clashes with burglars

Drivers should not hide their car keys when at home because it risks a violent confrontation with burglars, a policeman has warned.

The controversial advice was given after a case in Clifton, Lancashire, where a 16-year-old burglar murdered a pensioner for his car keys.

Speaking after the killer was jailed for life, a vehicle crime specialist from the Metropolitan Police said: 'I'd rather they broke in and found the keys and nicked my car than have them wake me up in the middle of the night because I value my life and like a good night's sleep.'If we say hide the keys then we are actually putting people at risk of ending up in the sort of situation which happened in Lancashire.

'However, an official spokesman for the Met said the comments did not represent their official advice, which was to keep car keys out of view.

It is estimated that more than 50 people a day across the UK have their cars stolen by burglars who ransack their homes and drive off with the spoils in their victim's vehicle.

A total of 15,741 cars were stolen last year by burglars who got hold of the keys after breaking into victims' homes while a further 2,858 were taken by force in robberies and car-jackings.

According to insurance and car crime experts that figure is rising at more than 15 per cent a year.Around 11 per cent of the reported stolen every year are as a result of the keys being taken during a house burglary or violence against drivers.

In recent months police from forces as far a-field as Warwickshire, West Yorkshire, West Mercia, Northampton, Kent and Manchester have all released car key burglary warnings.

'The amount of car key burglaries we have been dealing with has increased significantly,' said Asmar Chaudry, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police.

'It's because security systems in cars have improved so much that the only way you can actually get into them is by using the keys. It's not a problem that's restricted to one place, it's a nationwide phenomena.'


We sincerely hope that it will never happen to you, but the fact remains that no matter how much money is thrown at vehicle protection, the determined vehicle thief continues to ply his trade.

In the time it takes to read this page, three more vehicles will be stolen or taken without the owners consent.

MYTH: Every customer who has their vehicle stolen will be provided a replacement vehicle by their insurance company.
FACT: It is remarkable that only a small number of insurance companies offer any kind of solution, leaving the vast majority of the 30 million UK motorists exposed.
MYTH: But surely I will get a courtesy vehicle?
FACT: No courtesy vehicle will be provided whilst your car remains un-recovered (typically 10 - 14 days) and NOT when your vehicle is written off.

We are pleased to introduce you to Theft Protect, not previously available in the UK, protecting you in the unhappy event of your vehicle being stolen.

For a small annual premium, you can now obtain a like-for-like replacement vehicle facility for up to 28 days, allowing you to get mobile again with the minimum of fuss should the unhappy event of your vehicle being stolen.

Theft Protect is available from a UK network of insurance brokers. When buying your vehicle insurance, insist they include Theft Protect.

Click the links on these pages to find out more, or e mail us at

Sunday, 21 June 2009


£2,000 incentive will be wiped out in just 88 days due to depreciation

  • New vehicles purchased under the Government’s car scrappage scheme are set to lose £12.5 billion in depreciation after just one year
  • Even with the £2,000 scrappage bonus, motorists buying the UK’s top ten bestselling new cars are still set to lose £527 each month due to depreciation in year one, totalling £9.5 billion
  • On average, the initial £2,000 “cash for bangers” bonus is wiped out in depreciation in just 88 days of owning the new car
  • Purchasing one of the top ten most popular new cars costs £16,232 on average, this value plummets by 51% in the first year alone
  • The UK’s best-selling car – the Ford Focus Style – loses £8,635 or 51% of its value in the year one
  • Drivers are urged to read the small print on car insurance policies as the write off value varies substantially between policies
New research has revealed that vehicle depreciation is set to be the ‘thorn in the side’ of the Government’s new car scrappage scheme.

In fact, the £2,000 incentive will be wiped out in depreciation within just 88 days of purchasing a new vehicle. With 1.5 million motorists tempted to cash in on the scheme, these consumers are set to lose a total of £12.5 billion in just one year.

Furthermore, even with the Government’s £2,000 incentive, motorists buying the UK’s top ten best-selling new cars are still set to find themselves £9.5 billion out of pocket due to depreciation in the first year, equating to a loss of £527 each month.

On average, the value of a new vehicle depreciates by £8,321 within the first year of driving it off the forecourt. This means the initial scrappage bonus is wiped out more than four times over within the first year due to the extent it depreciates in worth.

However, despite the harsh reality of vehicle depreciation putting the Government’s £2,000 scrapping bonus in a measly light, the research highlights how consumers are still attracted to the other benefits the scheme may bring. For example, the environmental benefits such an initiative could generate is a persuasive factor, with 37% of interested motorists saying their main reason for participation in the scheme would be to swap their car for a greener model.

Interestingly, nearly one in ten (8%) would-be car swappers cited that their main reason for partaking would be to ‘do their bit’ to support the struggling car industry.

Table 1: Depreciation of the UK top ten selling cars (against purchase price)

Double click the table above to see the figures more clearly.

Source: Depreciation figures from sales volumes from SMMT. (Averages weighted against SMMT sales data)

Levels of vehicle depreciation are based on various factors; such as the popularity of the car, the number of vehicles manufactured and the perceived value or quality of the brand among consumers.

The UK’s top ten best selling new cars on average cost £16,232 yet they lose over half their value (51%) in the first year alone. The UK’s best-selling car – the Ford Focus Style – loses £8,625 or 51% of its value in the first year alone. The worst performer is the UK’s 4th best-selling car – the Vauxhall Astra Hatchback Life – which suffers the highest level of depreciation in its first year at 67%.

On a more positive note, the UK’s third best-selling car – the Ford Fiesta Hatchback – depreciates the least, losing 38% of its value in the first year. It also costs a more consumer friendly £12,195.

The Government’s car scrappage scheme has been introduced to give the ailing motor industry a much needed shot in the arm by enticing motorists to participate with a £2,000 incentive.

However, whilst this is a positive bonus for consumers, it seems even this payout can’t hold its weight against the magnitude of vehicle depreciation, which dents the value a car from the moment you drive off the forecourt.

When choosing a new vehicle, motorists should ensure they research the rate of depreciation of their desired new car, as research highlights how some of the top ten most popular vehicles hold their value far better than others.

Any motorists tempted to take advantage of the car scrappage scheme should research the cost of insuring their desired new vehicle as a matter of priority, as the cost could be significantly higher than they are currently paying for their old banger.

All drivers who are planning to switch their old cars for a newer model need to be prepared for a hike to their premiums of up to 30%.

For example: A 40 year old male with 9 years no claims who currently owns a 1999 Ford Focus Zetec pays £154.66 for his car insurance. If he was to trade this in for a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec his insurance would be hiked to £200.98 – an increase of 29.9% for the new car.


Consumers should also be aware of the extra administrative costs associated with changing an existing insurance policy.

When it comes to making such a change, there are two choices available; consumers can either buy a completely new policy or amend their existing policy.

Whichever choice is made, a mid-term adjustment fee is likely to be incurred and this costs on average £15.94. Alternatively, a hefty cancellation fee charging anything up to £75 may apply.

These extra charges mean that insurance providers are likely to be the winners of the car scrappage scheme far more so than consumers, as they will cash in on drivers making these mid-term policy adjustments.

Finally, consumers must read the small print on their insurance policy, as the write off value on insurance policies varies substantially.

Out of the insurers surveyed only eight providers replace a brand new vehicle written off in an accident within the first 12 months with an identical ‘like for like’ vehicle. Notably, Saga is the only insurer to offer this within a 24 months timeframe. Other providers, such as Admiral, Diamond and Elephant actually factor in depreciation, so if the car is written off in the first month of ownership the driver could lose several thousand pounds.

Table 2: Insurers ‘like-for-like’ replacements

*If vehicle is written off per terms and conditions of policy


1. 1.5 million drivers are likely to take advantage of the initiative – source Experian

2. Average depreciation on a new car is £8321.10 in the first year, which equals £693.43 per month. Minus the £2,000 offset by car scrappage incentive this is £6321.10, which equals £526.76 per month.

Average 1 year loss multiplied by amount of people potentially taking advantage of scrappage scheme. 8312.10 x 1 500 000 = £12,481,650,000.00 Net loss against scrappage scheme multiplied by amount of people potentially taking advantage of scrappage scheme £321.10 x 1,500,000 = £9,481,650,000

3. Average depreciation on a new car is £8,321 in the first year. £8,321 divided by 365 = £22.79 per day. £2,000 divided by £22.79 = 87.75 days.

4. All figures based on 31,245,416 cars in use in the UK according to Research Insight
(June 2008).

Article source :

Friday, 12 June 2009

Accelerate Your Business Success With Linkedin

The growth of LinkedIn, which has signed up over 41 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world, confirms there is a distinct business social networking market. The site has over 1.5 million in the UK - a tenth of the professional workforce.

Its average user is 41, with a salary estimated at £70,000.

LinkedIn remains a great way for professionals to strengthen their online brand reputation and leverage their professional network.

Relationships Matter

Your professional network of trusted contacts gives you an advantage in your career, and is one of your most valuable assets. LinkedIn exists to help you make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return.

In a global connected economy, your success as a professional and your competitiveness as a company depends upon faster access to insight and resources you can trust.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals.

When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional expertise and accomplishments. You can then form enduring connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you. Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to a vast number of qualified professionals and experts.

Through your network you can:

  • Manage the information that’s publicly available about you as professional
  • Find and be introduced to potential clients, service providers, and subject experts who come recommended
  • Create and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files and solve problems
  • Be found for business opportunities and find potential partners
  • Gain new insights from discussions with likeminded professionals in private group settings
  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals
  • Post and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company

LinkedIn is free to join. They offer a premium version of your accounts that give you more tools for finding and reaching the right people, whether or not they are in your network. LinkedIn participates in the EU Safe Harbor Privacy Framework and is certified to meet the strict privacy guidelines of the European Union. All relationships on LinkedIn are mutually confirmed, and no one appears in the LinkedIn Network without knowledge and explicit consent.


1. Increase your visibility.

By adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they’re searching for someone to hire or do business with. In addition to appearing at the top of search results people would much rather work with people who their friends know and trust.

2. Improve your connectability.

Most new users put only their current company in their profile. By doing so, they severely limit their ability to connect with people. You should fill out your profile like it’s an executive bio, so include past companies, education, affiliations, and activities.
You can also include a link to your profile as part of an email signature. The added benefit is that the link enables people to see all your credentials, which would be awkward if not downright strange, as an attachment.

3. Improve your Google PageRank.

LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index. Since LinkedIn profiles receive a fairly high PageRank in Google, this is a good way to influence what people see when they search for you.

To do this, create a public profile and select “Full View.” Also, instead of using the default URL, customize your public profile’s URL to be your actual name. To strengthen the visibility of this page in search engines, use this link in various places on the web> For example, when you comment in a blog, include a link to your profile in your signature.

4. Enhance your search engine results.

In addition to your name, you can also promote your blog or website to search engines like Google and Yahoo! Your LinkedIn profile allows you to publicise websites. There are a few pre-selected categories like “My Website,” “My Company,” etc.

If you select “Other” you can modify the name of the link. If you’re linking to your personal blog, include your name or descriptive terms in the link, and voila! instant search-engine optimization for your site. To make this work, be sure your public profile setting is set to “Full View.”

5. Perform blind, “reverse,” and company reference checks.

LinkedIn’s reference check tool to input a company name and the years the person worked at the company to search for references. Your search will find the people who worked at the company during the same time period. Since references provided by a candidate will generally be glowing, this is a good way to get more balanced data.

Companies will typically check your references before hiring you, but have you ever thought of checking your prospective manager’s references? Most interviewees don’t have the audacity to ask a potential boss for references, but with LinkedIn you have a way to scope them out.

You can also check up on the company itself by finding the person who used to have the job that you’re interviewing for. Do this by searching for job title and company, but be sure to uncheck “Current titles only.” By contacting people who used to hold the position, you can get the inside scoop on the job, manager and growth potential.

By the way, if using LinkedIn in these ways becomes a common practice, we’re apt to see more truthful resumes. There’s nothing more amusing than to find out that the candidate who claims to have caused some huge success was a total bozo who was just along for the ride.

6. Increase the relevancy of your job search.

Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to find people with educational and work experience like yours to see where they work. For example, a programmer would use search keywords such as “Ruby on Rails,” “C++,” “Python,” “Java,” and “evangelist” to find out where other programmers with these skills work.

7. Make your interview go smoother.

You can use LinkedIn to find the people that you’re meeting. Knowing that you went to the same school, plays football, or shares acquaintances is a lot better than an awkward silence after, “I’m doing fine, thank you.”

8. Gauge the health of a company.

Perform an advanced search for company name and uncheck the “Current Companies Only” box. This will enable you to scrutinize the rate of turnover and whether key people are abandoning ship. Former employees usually give more candid opinions about a company’s prospects than someone who’s still on board.

9. Gauge the health of an industry.

If you’re thinking of investing or working in a sector, use LinkedIn to find people who worked for competitors—or even better, companies who failed.

10. Track startups.

You can see people in your network who are initiating new startups by doing an advanced search for a range of keywords such as “stealth” or “new startup.” Apply the “Sort By” filter to “Degrees away from you” in order to see the people closest to you first.

[Republished from: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn via "How to Change the World" -- Guy Kawasaki's blog]

Nice 1 Limited Comment : "We are new to LinkedIn but can see clear advantages of joining already. As our core product Theft Protect traverses the insurance and motor sectors, the benefits of networking and connecting with our business contacts are invaluable. Easy to set up and start connecting"

Carl Brandrick

Managing Director
Nice 1 Limited

To visit the Theft Protect page on LinkedIn click the LinkedIn button on the right of this page.

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If your business transacts business over the internet, this information from the National Office of Statistics may be of interest to you.
To see or download the full report click here.
As the tables are self explanatory, we'll let you form your own assumptions about the relevance and usefulness of creating an internet marketing strategy for your business.

To view or download the full report click here.

For the majority of businesses these days, the increase in internet use is too important to ignore.

Look out for further internet marketing articles from these pages, or explore the previous articles from the archives links on the right side of this page.

Kind Regards

The Team at Nice 1

Broker Feature - Ashbourne Insurance

click the image above to read the newsletter


The team at Nice 1 Limited would like to extend a big thank you to Peter and the team at Ashbourne Insurance Brokers, for featuring Theft Protect on the front page of this month's newsletter.

Ashbourne are a great supporter of the Theft Protect product and represewnt an excellent example of a customer focused insurance broker.

If you would like to include Theft Protect in any of your promotional offerings, please contact the team at Nice 1 on

In the meantime, to see how Peter is successfully promoting his business click here to read or download the company newsletter in full.

Twitter For Business - An Excellent Free Guide

In a previous article on Twitter For Business (click here to see it), it was estimated that 700,000 small companies in Britain are currently using Twitter – 17% of the 4,559,000 small businesses in the UK that employ less than 20 people (source: Federation of Small Business); furthermore, the number is growing at the rate of 6,000 a day.

The team at Nice 1 Limited are delighted to share with you a really useful free article

A guide for people who want to start getting business results on Twitter. Author: Mark Shaw

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Broker In Focus - April 2009 Bulletin

Click here or the image above to view full bulletin


New broker online resources from Nice 1 Ltd, the team behind Theft Protect are proving popular among insurance intermediaries.

This site, and the consumer awareness portal at contain articles and latest news about UK Car Crime and Car Insurance.

The bulletin details way that the Nice 1 Team support brokers in their efforts with Theft Protect, and provide links to articles on the consumer site where we keep the UK motorist appraised of the need for adequate insurance.

Click the link below or the thumbnail image of the bulletin above to view the full bulletin. We look forward to supporting your business soon.

Kind Regards

The Nice 1 Team

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Motor Insurance : When Choosing Add Ons . . . . .


When it comes to choosing which add-ons or optional benefits to promote to customers, agents tell us that they have a number of things to consider.
  • Which ones will my customers really appreciate, need and buy?

  • Should I offer them, at point of sale or later?

  • Individually or packaged in a suite?

  • Do I add it automatically, assumptively with an opt out or upsell later?

  • Will the add on provide a real customer benefit?

  • Would the add on minimise customer disatisfaction in the event of a claim?

  • Is there a good margin for my business with this add on?

  • Is this add on fairly unique, will it enhance my service levels?
With so many add on products available, we can understand the dilemma. Not only do you have to consider the customer needs, but you also have to decide what commercial and operational benefits the product would deliver to your business.

Many people often already have breakdown cover in place, and frequently have legal expenses cover included with their home insurance, so they are conscious of not paying twice for the same thing.

An area that always appears high on the customer shopping list is a guaranteed replacement vehicle.

It is remarkable that very few insurance companies offer a replacement in the event of a theft or write off. Motorists often assume that a courtesy vehicle will be provided in any eventuality.


No courtesy vehicle will be provided whilst a vehicle remains un-recovered (typically 10-14 days, if at all) and NOT when the vehicle is written off.

How would your customer cope if their vehicle was stolen? How would it impact on your business when they discover no courtesy car will be provided?

Theft Protect was introduced to fill the courtesy car gap. For a small annual premium, customers can purchase a policy that provides a like-for-like replacement vehicle (car/van/bike or plated taxi) for up to 28 days in the event of a theft related incident or following an accident where a vehicle is written off.

To find out more about the groups of vehicles provided, click one of the links at the top right of this page.

Theft Protect is promoted through a UK network of approved brokers, dealers, manufacturers and finance companies, who can arrange immediate cover online (regardless of the insurance renewal date).

If you would like to add Theft Protect to your product range ans start enjoying the benefits of promoting this product to your customers, simply e mail us at or telephone us on the number in the contact panel at the foot of the page. We will help you get started immediately.

Alternatively, click here to complete the simple online registration form, it only takes a few minutes

So, when it comes to choosing your motor insurance add ons, for an excellent value policy that your customer will truly appreciate, cherry pick Theft Protect!

P.S. You might like to read how we have helped Theft Victims across the UK, click this link to read how the policy helped them.

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UK small businesses are Twittering at record levels

The advent of the aggregators, and the continuing threat of direct insurers has witnessed many UK Insurance Brokers exploring alternative routes to their customer. Many are now busy creating marketing blogs and devouring articles on search engine optimisation, e mail marketing and networking ideas to capture more new business and increase retention of existing clients.

This article is the latest in the series from Nice 1 Ltd, sharing information on the latest strategies for business development.
Small businesses are sending three million ‘tweets’ a day in the UK, according to a study on the usage of the free networking site Twitter by telecommunications company O2.

O2 questioned over 500 small businesses and found that nearly two in ten (17%) are using Twitter, with over one quarter (28%) signing up in the last four weeks.

It is estimated that 700,000 small companies in Britain are currently using it – 17% of the 4,559,000 small businesses in the UK that employ less than 20 people (source: Federation of Small Business); furthermore, O2 found that the number is growing at the rate of 6,000 a day.

For businesses, the focus is on cost-cutting, particularly on marketing and recruitment. It was cited by almost two thirds of the O2 sample. Over one in ten said they had saved up to £5,000 since signing up while three in ten reported benefits of up to £1,000. Almost 75% said they were using Twitter to stay in touch with customers and suppliers, while a third admitted they had signed up to monitor competitors’ Tweets.

Simon Devonshire, Head of Small Business Marketing at O2, said: “The way small businesses are using Twitter is a great example of how the community is embracing new technologies in order to adapt and survive in the current economic climate. The increase in small businesses using converged devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones combined with the simplicity of Twitter represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to further raise their profiles and increase efficiency.”

Despite its relative infancy, Twitter appears to be making its mark in the small business world over and above its social media competitors.

Four in ten small businesses revealed they are using Twitter more than LinkedIn or Facebook with 60% claiming their usage of the social networking site was likely to increase. Despite three times more businesses having a blog, nearly seven out of ten (68%) of those questioned admitted to using Twitter more regularly.

To sign up or find out more, visit:
See this article and other useful links at The home of the Institute Of Commercial Management.

Whilst it is early days yet, the team at Nice 1 Ltd, promoting Theft Protect, can be followed on twitter at

Look for the avitar alongside our "tweets".

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Business Blogging For Brokers

Quickie Definition of a Blog

Here’s the plain-language, quickie answer to the “Er, what is a blawg?” question:

A Weblog or blog is an instant publishing tool anyone can use to add fresh content to a Web page.

No technical expertise is required.

Blog is both a noun and a verb. When you blog (verb), you write.

When you blog for business you should write coherently, purposefully and with the goal of establishing your company’s credibility and expertise. No drivel allowed. But an authentic, informal voice is encouraged.

A blog is a new way to market your services or products by positioning you and/or yourcompany as thought leaders in highly competitive markets.

A blog is the new cost-effective way to communicate quickly with — and get feedback from — your audience of readers, whether they are colleagues, competitors, the media, prospects or customers.

A blog is just a tool, albeit a cool one. As with any tool, there is a right way and a wrongway to use it. There is proper blogging etiquette.

Who is blogging for business?

Lots of companies, often technology-oriented. And lots of savvymarketing types.

Individuals (behind companies) blog. Corporations communicate in marketing-speak, whether it’s glossy collateral or their corporate home page. Which do you think is more persuasive to the reader? Who wants to be marketed at or sold to? Wouldn’t you rather have an intelligent conversation and decide later whether to buy?

In this, the Nice 1 introduction to business blogging, we'll keep it short and deal only with the basics at this stage. Plenty of time for us to show you the detail over the coming weeks, if it's of interest to you and your business.

At Nice 1, we have found the Blog to be a great additional form of marketing, both to the consumer and to our intermediary partners. As stated earlier, although just another marketing tool, the fact that Technorati, the major tracking site currently states it is tracking over 112.8 million blogs, (not including 72.82 million Chinese blogs) tells us that it is a rapidly growing business communication tool.

Blogging software is available free, which adds tremendously to its business appeal. The most popular blogging sofware is Blogger (owned by Google), of which this is blog is one example, and wordpress, again free to download and use.

As promised, we'll keep it simple on this introductory post. Each blog comprises of page(s) which are static and posts which are the frequently changing pieces of news and information, such as new product developments, newsworthy items, etc.

In later posts for supporting broker members, we will issue posts on blogging practice to get you started if you haven't yet dipped your toe in the water and would like to have a go!

For now though, here's a couple of FREE downloads for you that you might like to read at your leisure. . . . . Just click the link to open the file, then click save as to save it to your computer.

We're still newbies at blogging ourselves, but we have to say we're delighted with the positive reaction they are creating.

In future posts we will talk about creating your blog, then using google FREE tools amongst others to get your blog out there "syndicated" as it's called, so that your readers will know you're there and want to communicate more with you.

For now though, best of luck with your blog. If we can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to shout up. You'll find as we did, that blog creation is a lot faster, easier and more dynamic than tradional websites.

You can contact us via e mail at or ring the number at the foot of this blog. If you wish, you can post a reply to this post. Just send us your e mail address and we will register you as a member of the site so that you are free to reply and comment at will.

Best Regards

The Nice 1 Team

Happy Theft Protect Customers

Whilst we would never wish a vehicle theft or write off on any of our customers, it is inevitable that there will be thefts where customers need the service provided by Theft Protect.

The pleasing aspect of dealing with claimants is the sense of relief the product provides. Almost every customer we speak to after a Theft is distraught when they first contact us, and it gives us immense pride and pleasure to restore their mobility, often within a matter of hours.

Minimising the downside of theft incidents has a knock on effect for the selling broker. Customers thank the broker for selling them a Theft Protect policy, and the unanimous verdict is that the policy represents excellent value for money.

Here then, are a few of the circumstances where we have helped Theft Protect policyholders, with their reactions and comments about the brokers' involvement.

Mr C from Glasgow who had his Mazda Tribute stolen and burnt out a few days before Christmas. Theft Protect supplied a vehicle on Christmas eve. Mr C commented that it had saved his Christmas as he had so much running around to do. He immediately telephoned the selling agent to make sure the policy could be renewed. Fortunately, he had purchased a 4 year policy, so he has plenty of time!

Mrs N from Tipton in the West Midlands woke up to discover her Hyundai Santa fe had been stolen. As a mother in full time work, she faced losing wages and suffering a massive inconvenience. Her vehicle was never restored and she used the hire time wisely, thanking her broker and ensuring they had all they needed to sort her settlement cheque from the insurer.

Mr A and his partner both work in a busy insurance broker in Birmingham. The family Fiat
Grande Punto was nicked over a weekend and he was concerned that one or both of them might have to take time off work. As it happened, Theft Protect provided a vehicle within 24 hours, and as he was close to the claim, he was able to apply the pressure to his insurers for the cheque. Needless to say, Mr & Mrs A are both now keen supporters and promoters of the product to their customers, having had first hand experience.

Mrs W from Hertfordshire fell victim in the school holidays when her Ford Mondeo Zetec was stolen. When provided with her replacement vehicle, she commented that she didn't know how she would have managed with kids off school and family shopping to do. The broker contacted us to report that she had telephoned to thank them for the Theft Protect service.

Mrs G from Northern Ireland, was heavily pregnant in the summer of 2008 when the family BMW 320 Sport was taken from the driveway. Mr G worked away, so there was no possibility of borrowing his company car. She had a diary full of hospital appointments, pre natal classes and looking after her other children. This one brought us particular pleasure, helping a lady clearly in distress is our speciality! She was among the first policy holders to purchase Theft Protect in Northern Ireland, so we were exceptionally pleased to help. Mrs G is a family friend of the broker, so once again we have won a great supporter in the business sense too.

Mr B is a frail and elderly gent who needs his vehicle for even the short journies. When some heartless thieves broke into his house, stealing the car keys and his Rover 75 Classic as they left, he was absolutely distraught. He was due to drive down to Devon the next day to go to a family get together. Happily, Theft Protect came to the rescue and he was on his way. Over a year ago now, Mr B insisted his broker renew the Theft Protect cover.

Mrs P, from Newport, South Wales was another working mum. Her Volkswagen Passat was her pride and joy until liberated from her possession. She was poorly when she rang up to report the claim and didn't feel up to driving for a couple of days. No problem, Theft Protect provided the vehicle when she felt better.

Mr P was the first customer to claim from the Coversure branch sales. A businessman, he was extremely concerned about the potential loss and inconvenience to his business when his LWB
Mercedes Sprinter was stolen. He knew only too well the potential interruption to his business having suffered a previous theft and no one was able to help. His business runs a small fleet and he purchased a policy for each vehicle. A replacement LWB van was supplied same day, and as he purchased the 21 day cover, he was able to achieve settlement before the hire ended. A very happy customer who praised his broker for introducing him to Theft Protect.

Mrs B from North London had a momentary lapse in concentration and piled into another vehicle, writing her own vehicle, a Ford Fiesta Azura off in the process. Her anxiety was lessened when Theft protect provided a replacement vehicle same day.

Mr A from London was concerned about getting to and from work when his Lexus GS430 Sport was stolen overnight. Although he had only paid for a 14 day Focus type vehicle, he was able to upgrade to a lerger vehicle (at his expense), gaining the benefit ot the Theft Protect commercial rate. He was pleased that the cost he incurred was significantly reduced by the cost allowed under his Theft Protect policy, and particulalrly pleased that he had purchased the 21 day policy.

Mr B from Sandwell, is a market trader, whose Ford Transit van was stolen the week running up to Christmas and written off by the offenders who used it in a ram raid at a Currys store, stealing electrical goods. He was panicking because the Christmas week was so important for his business. His anxiety turned to delight when a replacement van was supplied in under two hours. He was quick to telephone his broker to praise the product and the service that had saved his Christmas.

Ms H is a police civilian worker, working shifts in South London. Driving her Renault Megane on an extremely icy road surface, she skidded into another vehicle, writing her own off in the process. After numerous telephone calls without getting any assistance, she telephoned her broker who reminded her that she had a Theft Protect policy. Due to start a night shift that evening, with no other means of transport, she was delighted with the hire vehicle that arrived from Theft Protect four hours before she was due to leave for work. She had been considering shopping around for her insurance renewal, but will now stay with the Redditch based broker as they were the only organisation who had truly looked after her interests.

Mr H from Hursey in Kent is a self employed long distance lorry driver. His vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee is essential transport for him as he often has to drive to the lorry park, some 6 miles away at 3 or 4am in the morning, often not returning to his vehicle until late at night. When his vehicle was stolen, he feared losing income as he knew of no one who could help. His broker again reminded him that he had purchased Theft Protect a few months earlier. A vehicle was supplied in time for Mr H to get to work without losing any time or money.

Mr R-S (double barrelled) from Wednesbury purchased a Theft Protect policy for his Gilera DNA 125cc motorcycle. Only qualified to ride motorcycles, using the vehicle as his transport to and from his shift work, he was extremely anxious to discover his bike and documents stolen from his driveway. He was fully expecting to lose time from work as he believed replacement motorcycles would be hard to hire. The claim was reported early one February morning, he had his replacement motorcycle delivered, fully insured by early afternoon, well in time for his afternoon shift. before leaving for work, he telephoned his broker to thank them for providing Theft Protect.

And one last amusing tale ....

Mr S, a self employed educational consultant from South Wales bought a Theft Protect policy earlier in 2009, having fallen victim previously and been without transport for four weeks. When his broker offered him Theft Protect he said yes immediately. Early in April, he parked his car in a side street in Cardiff whilst visiting a customer. On return, he found the vehicle was missing. He reported it to the police as stolen and contacted Theft Protect. He was delighted with the service offered and said that he would have the hire vehicle delivered the following morning. That afternoon, he caught a bus into town. Ever vigilant after the incident, he knew he would pass the road where he had parked his vehicle. As the bus approached the road prior to the one where the "incident" took place, he glanced out of the window, and there was his vehicle! Parked exactly where he had left it... He had returned to the wrong road, convinced his car had been stolen, the suspicious fellow! He was good humoured about it and had telephoned his broker beforehand to sing the praises of Theft Protect!
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Welcome All Insurance Brokers

If you are a UK insurance broker, this site is for you.

International brokers are welcome too. However, the content on this site is intended for the UK insurance broker market. Feel free to explore the site and make any suggestions for its improvement.

This site is all about the UK Insurance broker and the challenges, issues and opportunities faced by you and your business.

Over the coming months, the site will be updated with your suggestions. Whilst hosted by the team at Nice 1 Ltd, who promote Theft Protect replacement vehicle insurance, the content is driven by you, your interests and requirements.

Regular posts will be issued from the site, with a particular bias toward motor insurance. News items, discussion topics and a broker forum are planned, with select membership so that you may post your views and observations freely.

Replies to posts are up to you. Contact us with your e mail address and we will add you as an authorised member, permitted to post replies. When the forum is uploaded, posts may be anonymous. The content will be moderated to maintain acceptable standards. If you want to receive e mails when the site is updated, to be advised of new posts and replies, click the buttons opposite that best suit your requirements.

If you want your business, a discussion topic, or a piece of news to be featured here, please contact us at We will respond to your requests promptly.

From our travels around the country, meeting with brokers of all sizes and business profiles, we know there is plenty of worthwhile subjects to debate. Be as contraversial or innovative as you want. The tone is informal, so let's hear from you!

To send us a message now, to ask for more details of Theft Protect, arrange a meeting, click the "contact me" button below. Once you have sent the message, the software will return you to these pages so you may continue browsing.

With kind regards

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