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Nice 1 Ltd, the providers of the popular Theft Protect policy, are delighted to announce that we have secured some really exciting new and innovative products that I think might be of interest to UK Insurance brokers.

We have attached our product brochure to this link, that provides a brief outline of 18 new products for brokers. Please feel free to download the brochure, have a look at the innovative products and contact us if any of them would be of interest to your customers. The brochure can also be obtained by clicking the link in the side bar to your right.

Here is a brief resume of the product range we can now offer:-

Lifestyle Protect - Income and Payment Protection Insurance – Accident, sickness, unemployment & life cover – standalone income replacement product.
Cash Protect - Single & monthly premium designed to cover monthly bills such as mobile phones, car insurance, gym membership.
• Excess Protect – A must for brokers requiring competitive rates. Designed to ensure customers are not left financially disadvantaged should they be unfortunate enough to have to pay an excess on one of a range of policies.
- Motor Excess Protect : Cars, motorbikes, owner/user taxis, driving instructors and motor homes, cover levels £300, £500 & £1000 excesses.
- Commercial Vehicle Excess Protect : Covers vehicles up to 3.5tonne and fleets up to 30 vehicles
- Tradesman Liability Excess Protect : Refunds excess under Tradesman Liability insurance policy.
- Home Excess Protect : Refunds excess after a claim under buildings & contents policies. Cover levels from £50 to £2500 per year. A perfect “add-on” for your home insurance customer.
• Lifestyle XS Protect – Covering any excess on motor/buildings & contents/travel/pet & medical … really good for brokers that hold more than one policy per customer, with cover options from £250 to £2000 per year.
• Multi Appliance Protect – Covers white & brown appliances for repair or replacement with no depreciation.
• Gadget Protect – Gross rated, excellent monthly and annual rates with 20% commission for the broker. Worldwide accidental damage, extended warranty & theft cover for mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, Ipods, MP4 players, portable sat navs, cameras & games consoles. 3 & 5 item cover, monthly and annual rates.
• Home Emergency Protect – A range of home emergency cover for the cost of a tradesman to attend in the event of an emergency. Includes labour and cost of materials. Options include increasing levels of cover from £150 to £750 per call out and can be taken with or without an extension for central heating systems.
• Garden Protect – A stand alone policy providing £1500 or £2500 cover per year against theft or damage to the customers’ garden.
• Briefcase & Handbag Protect – Cover and assistance when a briefcase or handbag is lost or stolen, including contents & a wide range of support services included.
• Concierge Protect – Access to a personal assistant with countless uses – see the brochure for more information.
• Vet Protect – A uniquely simplified approach to pet insurance stripping out the non essentials, proving cover for vets fees only. No postcode rating or loading for breed of animal, with simplified age rating – under 5 and over 5 years old.
• Premium Waiver Protect - Protecting the customers’ monthly motor or buildings and contents insurance premiums. Can be sold as an option or included on a mandatory basis, providing up to 12 benefit payments of up to £250 per month should the customer be unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment. No exclusions making for a speedier sales process.
• Car Protect – Includes : car warranty, Gap & Multi Gap, Key Cover, Tyre Insurance, MOT Cover, Roadside assistance.
• Licence Protect – Providing benefits covering alternative travel costs if prevented from driving as a result of disqualification following the accumulation of 12 or more penalty points, disqualification for single offence speeding. Monthly benefits from £500 to £2000. Excludes drivers under 25, drivers with more than 8 points on licence, drivers who have held licence for less than 2 years, drivers convicted of alcohol or drug abuse offences.
• Mis-Fuel Protect – underwritten and supported by the AA’s fuel assist specialist service to drain, flush and replenish vehicle fuel systems on the spot after misfuelling.
• Scratch, Dent & Alloy Protect – Protection against day to day damage of vehicle bodywork and alloy wheels. Cover per claim between £250 & £1000 with aggregate limits between £500 & £3000. Particularly popular with customers acquiring a new vehicle.
• Total Loss Protect – Exciting this one… pays 25% of motor insurers settlement on top of that received from insurer, really cheap excellent benefits, no restrictions.
• Theft Protect – The pride of our stable. Theft protect provides a like for like replacement vehicle for up to 28 days in the event of a Theft or Write off incident. For brokers wishing to offer the service on a mandatory basis to all customers, we now have a guaranteed courtesy vehicle product providing a replacement in any eventuality where a courtesy car policy fails. Ask for details.

To see the product brochure now, click here

It may be useful to arrange a meeting to run through which of the products you think might work well for your business. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss these exciting new products.
Nice 1 Limited – Providers of Theft Protect

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