Monday, 7 September 2009

Car stolen in man's final hours

A cancer patient had his car stolen from his Birmingham home while his family members were at his side during his final few hours, police said.

Thieves entered Scott Wright's home and took the car keys and his mother's handbag as the family gathered at his bedside on Wednesday night.

Mr Wright, 26, of Holliday Road, in Erdington, died the next morning.
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Sunday, 6 September 2009


The team at Nice 1 Ltd, providers of Theft Protect replacement vehicle solutions, are delighted to announce the blistering launch of their new site "The Thin Blue Line", whose aim is to support the front line police officers of the UK. To visit the new site click here

The site collects valuable experiences about real life crime and policing issues, and combines them with the crime analysis efforts of our sister site "Car Crime UK" to raise consumer awareness about the true picture of crime.

To see a few of the new articles posted on The Thin Blue Line click the link(s) below :-

Please feel free to visit the sites and share your thoughts about crime and policing.

Kind Regards

The Crime Analysis Team
Nice 1 Ltd
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If you are a UK insurance broker, this site is for you.

International brokers are welcome too. However, the content on this site is intended for the UK insurance broker market. Feel free to explore the site and make any suggestions for its improvement.

This site is all about the UK Insurance broker and the challenges, issues and opportunities faced by you and your business.

Over the coming months, the site will be updated with your suggestions. Whilst hosted by the team at Nice 1 Ltd, who promote Theft Protect replacement vehicle insurance, the content is driven by you, your interests and requirements.

Regular posts will be issued from the site, with a particular bias toward motor insurance. News items, discussion topics and a broker forum are planned, with select membership so that you may post your views and observations freely.

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