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Business Blogging For Brokers

Quickie Definition of a Blog

Here’s the plain-language, quickie answer to the “Er, what is a blawg?” question:

A Weblog or blog is an instant publishing tool anyone can use to add fresh content to a Web page.

No technical expertise is required.

Blog is both a noun and a verb. When you blog (verb), you write.

When you blog for business you should write coherently, purposefully and with the goal of establishing your company’s credibility and expertise. No drivel allowed. But an authentic, informal voice is encouraged.

A blog is a new way to market your services or products by positioning you and/or yourcompany as thought leaders in highly competitive markets.

A blog is the new cost-effective way to communicate quickly with — and get feedback from — your audience of readers, whether they are colleagues, competitors, the media, prospects or customers.

A blog is just a tool, albeit a cool one. As with any tool, there is a right way and a wrongway to use it. There is proper blogging etiquette.

Who is blogging for business?

Lots of companies, often technology-oriented. And lots of savvymarketing types.

Individuals (behind companies) blog. Corporations communicate in marketing-speak, whether it’s glossy collateral or their corporate home page. Which do you think is more persuasive to the reader? Who wants to be marketed at or sold to? Wouldn’t you rather have an intelligent conversation and decide later whether to buy?

In this, the Nice 1 introduction to business blogging, we'll keep it short and deal only with the basics at this stage. Plenty of time for us to show you the detail over the coming weeks, if it's of interest to you and your business.

At Nice 1, we have found the Blog to be a great additional form of marketing, both to the consumer and to our intermediary partners. As stated earlier, although just another marketing tool, the fact that Technorati, the major tracking site currently states it is tracking over 112.8 million blogs, (not including 72.82 million Chinese blogs) tells us that it is a rapidly growing business communication tool.

Blogging software is available free, which adds tremendously to its business appeal. The most popular blogging sofware is Blogger (owned by Google), of which this is blog is one example, and wordpress, again free to download and use.

As promised, we'll keep it simple on this introductory post. Each blog comprises of page(s) which are static and posts which are the frequently changing pieces of news and information, such as new product developments, newsworthy items, etc.

In later posts for supporting broker members, we will issue posts on blogging practice to get you started if you haven't yet dipped your toe in the water and would like to have a go!

For now though, here's a couple of FREE downloads for you that you might like to read at your leisure. . . . . Just click the link to open the file, then click save as to save it to your computer.

We're still newbies at blogging ourselves, but we have to say we're delighted with the positive reaction they are creating.

In future posts we will talk about creating your blog, then using google FREE tools amongst others to get your blog out there "syndicated" as it's called, so that your readers will know you're there and want to communicate more with you.

For now though, best of luck with your blog. If we can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to shout up. You'll find as we did, that blog creation is a lot faster, easier and more dynamic than tradional websites.

You can contact us via e mail at enquiries@nice-1.co.uk or ring the number at the foot of this blog. If you wish, you can post a reply to this post. Just send us your e mail address and we will register you as a member of the site so that you are free to reply and comment at will.

Best Regards

The Nice 1 Team

Happy Theft Protect Customers

Whilst we would never wish a vehicle theft or write off on any of our customers, it is inevitable that there will be thefts where customers need the service provided by Theft Protect.

The pleasing aspect of dealing with claimants is the sense of relief the product provides. Almost every customer we speak to after a Theft is distraught when they first contact us, and it gives us immense pride and pleasure to restore their mobility, often within a matter of hours.

Minimising the downside of theft incidents has a knock on effect for the selling broker. Customers thank the broker for selling them a Theft Protect policy, and the unanimous verdict is that the policy represents excellent value for money.

Here then, are a few of the circumstances where we have helped Theft Protect policyholders, with their reactions and comments about the brokers' involvement.

Mr C from Glasgow who had his Mazda Tribute stolen and burnt out a few days before Christmas. Theft Protect supplied a vehicle on Christmas eve. Mr C commented that it had saved his Christmas as he had so much running around to do. He immediately telephoned the selling agent to make sure the policy could be renewed. Fortunately, he had purchased a 4 year policy, so he has plenty of time!

Mrs N from Tipton in the West Midlands woke up to discover her Hyundai Santa fe had been stolen. As a mother in full time work, she faced losing wages and suffering a massive inconvenience. Her vehicle was never restored and she used the hire time wisely, thanking her broker and ensuring they had all they needed to sort her settlement cheque from the insurer.

Mr A and his partner both work in a busy insurance broker in Birmingham. The family Fiat
Grande Punto was nicked over a weekend and he was concerned that one or both of them might have to take time off work. As it happened, Theft Protect provided a vehicle within 24 hours, and as he was close to the claim, he was able to apply the pressure to his insurers for the cheque. Needless to say, Mr & Mrs A are both now keen supporters and promoters of the product to their customers, having had first hand experience.

Mrs W from Hertfordshire fell victim in the school holidays when her Ford Mondeo Zetec was stolen. When provided with her replacement vehicle, she commented that she didn't know how she would have managed with kids off school and family shopping to do. The broker contacted us to report that she had telephoned to thank them for the Theft Protect service.

Mrs G from Northern Ireland, was heavily pregnant in the summer of 2008 when the family BMW 320 Sport was taken from the driveway. Mr G worked away, so there was no possibility of borrowing his company car. She had a diary full of hospital appointments, pre natal classes and looking after her other children. This one brought us particular pleasure, helping a lady clearly in distress is our speciality! She was among the first policy holders to purchase Theft Protect in Northern Ireland, so we were exceptionally pleased to help. Mrs G is a family friend of the broker, so once again we have won a great supporter in the business sense too.

Mr B is a frail and elderly gent who needs his vehicle for even the short journies. When some heartless thieves broke into his house, stealing the car keys and his Rover 75 Classic as they left, he was absolutely distraught. He was due to drive down to Devon the next day to go to a family get together. Happily, Theft Protect came to the rescue and he was on his way. Over a year ago now, Mr B insisted his broker renew the Theft Protect cover.

Mrs P, from Newport, South Wales was another working mum. Her Volkswagen Passat was her pride and joy until liberated from her possession. She was poorly when she rang up to report the claim and didn't feel up to driving for a couple of days. No problem, Theft Protect provided the vehicle when she felt better.

Mr P was the first customer to claim from the Coversure branch sales. A businessman, he was extremely concerned about the potential loss and inconvenience to his business when his LWB
Mercedes Sprinter was stolen. He knew only too well the potential interruption to his business having suffered a previous theft and no one was able to help. His business runs a small fleet and he purchased a policy for each vehicle. A replacement LWB van was supplied same day, and as he purchased the 21 day cover, he was able to achieve settlement before the hire ended. A very happy customer who praised his broker for introducing him to Theft Protect.

Mrs B from North London had a momentary lapse in concentration and piled into another vehicle, writing her own vehicle, a Ford Fiesta Azura off in the process. Her anxiety was lessened when Theft protect provided a replacement vehicle same day.

Mr A from London was concerned about getting to and from work when his Lexus GS430 Sport was stolen overnight. Although he had only paid for a 14 day Focus type vehicle, he was able to upgrade to a lerger vehicle (at his expense), gaining the benefit ot the Theft Protect commercial rate. He was pleased that the cost he incurred was significantly reduced by the cost allowed under his Theft Protect policy, and particulalrly pleased that he had purchased the 21 day policy.

Mr B from Sandwell, is a market trader, whose Ford Transit van was stolen the week running up to Christmas and written off by the offenders who used it in a ram raid at a Currys store, stealing electrical goods. He was panicking because the Christmas week was so important for his business. His anxiety turned to delight when a replacement van was supplied in under two hours. He was quick to telephone his broker to praise the product and the service that had saved his Christmas.

Ms H is a police civilian worker, working shifts in South London. Driving her Renault Megane on an extremely icy road surface, she skidded into another vehicle, writing her own off in the process. After numerous telephone calls without getting any assistance, she telephoned her broker who reminded her that she had a Theft Protect policy. Due to start a night shift that evening, with no other means of transport, she was delighted with the hire vehicle that arrived from Theft Protect four hours before she was due to leave for work. She had been considering shopping around for her insurance renewal, but will now stay with the Redditch based broker as they were the only organisation who had truly looked after her interests.

Mr H from Hursey in Kent is a self employed long distance lorry driver. His vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee is essential transport for him as he often has to drive to the lorry park, some 6 miles away at 3 or 4am in the morning, often not returning to his vehicle until late at night. When his vehicle was stolen, he feared losing income as he knew of no one who could help. His broker again reminded him that he had purchased Theft Protect a few months earlier. A vehicle was supplied in time for Mr H to get to work without losing any time or money.

Mr R-S (double barrelled) from Wednesbury purchased a Theft Protect policy for his Gilera DNA 125cc motorcycle. Only qualified to ride motorcycles, using the vehicle as his transport to and from his shift work, he was extremely anxious to discover his bike and documents stolen from his driveway. He was fully expecting to lose time from work as he believed replacement motorcycles would be hard to hire. The claim was reported early one February morning, he had his replacement motorcycle delivered, fully insured by early afternoon, well in time for his afternoon shift. before leaving for work, he telephoned his broker to thank them for providing Theft Protect.

And one last amusing tale ....

Mr S, a self employed educational consultant from South Wales bought a Theft Protect policy earlier in 2009, having fallen victim previously and been without transport for four weeks. When his broker offered him Theft Protect he said yes immediately. Early in April, he parked his car in a side street in Cardiff whilst visiting a customer. On return, he found the vehicle was missing. He reported it to the police as stolen and contacted Theft Protect. He was delighted with the service offered and said that he would have the hire vehicle delivered the following morning. That afternoon, he caught a bus into town. Ever vigilant after the incident, he knew he would pass the road where he had parked his vehicle. As the bus approached the road prior to the one where the "incident" took place, he glanced out of the window, and there was his vehicle! Parked exactly where he had left it... He had returned to the wrong road, convinced his car had been stolen, the suspicious fellow! He was good humoured about it and had telephoned his broker beforehand to sing the praises of Theft Protect!

Grow your business with effective e mail strategies

Nice 1 Limited are pleased to introduce you to a business partner that has really helped our business grow.
We wanted to get the Theft Protect brand in front of as many decision makers as possible, for the purpose of building the business and increasing our presence in the insurance marketplace.
E mail marketing plays a large part in our communication strategy, both with our existing broker partners and with prospects.
We were seeking an economically priced yet simple solution to achieve our ambitions, and we trawled the marketplace for the best solution.
Chillishot is designed for the SME market into which most brokers fit.
Fearful of doing the guys an injustice, we will leave them to promote their features and benefits.
They would appreciate calls from any broker seriously considering e mail marketing as one of their tools for customer retention.
In the meantime their website address is http://www.chillishot.net/
Where will ChilliShot fit into your business?
ChilliShot will fit into any business no matter how big or small. With today's web based environment, most companies have a web presence and many conduct many aspects of their business functions through the computer. The web is a powerful tool and so it makes sense to utilise this in your company's communication to others.
Reduced marketing costs with greater information gained can only be seen as beneficial, however, you may well like to keep your current marketing procedures as they have always proved successful? This is a perfect time to run a cheap direct comparison exercise and run the two methods side by side. The results gained and the unit cost per lead comparison will leave you asking why you have not done this before!
Simple to set up, simple to monitor, cost effective and displaying your company as forward thinking, ChilliShot makes a lot of sense.
Have a look at their website, check out the feautures on :-
  • Template Design
  • Customising Templates
  • Tailor Made Templates
  • Email List Management
  • Campaign Analysis
  • How a campaign is sent

It works well for us at Nice 1 and, knowing that so many brokers are looking at e mail as another communication vehicle, we thought you might like to see if it would work for your business too.

Theft Protect working to bring customers to you

One of the greatest challenges faced by insurance brokers is knowing which products to offer their customer.

One broker summed it up for us recently. He told us that he listens carefully to customers when they complain about NOT being covered for a particular risk. "This is my trigger" he told us, "to go and find the solution that eliminates or minimises the customer risk".

Victims of car theft frequently believe that their courtesy car provisions MUST cover them in the event of a theft incident. It is only when a claim arises that they discover that no white knight is coming charging to the rescue.

Enter stage left, Theft Protect.

Theft Protect was created as a result of brokers reporting that customers were disatisfied, often angry when they discover that courtesy vehicles do not typically extend to theft or fault write off incidents.

As you will know, Theft Protect is a unique stand alone policy that provides a like-for-like replacement vehicle (including commercials), for up to 28 days in the event of a theft or write off. (Write off provision not currently included for taxi and motorcycle groups).

Knowing that the majority of the 34 million UK road users are unaware of the lack of cover, we have set ourselves the challenge of raising consumer awareness so that enquiries may be driven directly to your door.

Here are a few of the strategies :-

Consumer Blog http://theftprotect.blogspot.com/

In the few short weeks that our customer awareness blog has been live, the site has received hundreds of visits from UK motorists keen to find out more about the cover.

  • Registered blog with Google, Yahoo & main search engines
  • Site entered on leading blog directories
  • Multiple broker & insurance industry links
  • Presence on social networking sites, myspace and facebook

Joint Ventures & Business Promotion

  • Working with brokers approaching trade bodies & commercial clients
  • Actively promoting to police, emergency services, and larger captive groups
  • Affinity groups - utility companies and outbound selling organisations
  • Working with British Chamber of Commerce on a local and national level to promote Theft Protect awareness among 80,000 chamber member companies.
  • Motor trade approaches to manufacturers, finance & leasing organisations for fleet and company vehicle business

The team at Nice 1 would be keen to hear from brokers who would like us to attend joint meetings with prospective fleet and commercial clients.

We would also be keen to hear any broker suggestions for growing our mutual businesses through joint ventures and merketing techniques.

As enquiries continue to rise in number, we will require brokers around the country to register their interest in dealing with the enquiries through to conclusion, including the sale of the Theft Protect policy(ies).

To register your interest, please contact Nice 1 Limited via e mail at : enquiries@nice-1.co.uk

Top Tips For Selling Add Ons


On our travels around the UK Insurance Brokers, we frequently hear of how difficult the market has become. Once the insurance salesman visited you, then you visited his office. Now you pick up your phone or click your mouse. Direct writers and the internet has accelerated the direct phenomenon.

In spite of the adversity, we come across brokers every day who have found opportunities to grow their businesses.

The brokers that we witness embracing Add-Ons as a means of recapturing previously sacrificed margins are an excellent barometer for one way forward for insurance brokers.

Whilst some brokers struggle to get beyond the price issue presented by bargain hunting customers, many others recognise the changes that are still occurring in motor insurance.

Motor insurance renewals have tradionally been viewed as an annual chore, both for the customer and the broker. The more enlightened brokers now see capturing the core policy as the first point of contact, with an existing or new customer. Add-ons represent a wonderful opportunity for a business to improve the customer experience, and to offer the customer excellent value products that he really does need.

Here are a few Top Tips from some of our brokers who are achieving success with their add on strategy :-

  • Develop a disciplined strategy for approaching the customer asfter securing the core policy
  • Be prepared to give a little on commission for core products, regain it with add ons
  • Research your customer needs, survey your customers to identify what products will suit them
  • Whatever policy you are selling, acquire renewal dates and other essential data relevant to future sales
  • Get out of the midset of selling everything or nothing at a fixed point in the year
  • The more frequently you apporach and successfully sell products your customers want, the higher they will value your services at renewal
  • It is cheaper and easier to sell more to existing customers than to pay for new ones
  • Invest your money in an outbound selling strategy to existing customers first
  • Insist on stand alone products that do not have to be sold concurrent with renewals, this frees you up to approach customers all year round
  • Consider packaging two or three add ons together in a special deal. Many brokers achieve success offering three products for the price of two. Some add ons come cheap, even free to the broker and can be used well for these sort of promotions.
  • Demonstrate value. Offer something like a "Gold" "Silver" and "Bronze" package. Customers like excellent packages representing great value.
  • Lose your fear of "bothering" the customer. Brokers are professional advisors, your customer needs and wants your advice.
  • Stop making excuses for making money. The old days of customer retention with no effort are dying fast.
  • The transaction isn't over when you've secured the core policy, it's only just begun. Properly planned strategies for outbound calls will pay dividends.
  • If you lose the core policy at renewal, don't give up! He doesn't become someone else's customer just because he has moved his main policy. You have opportunities to shine with add on policies and the service levels behind them. The new broker may upset the customer during the year and place him on the verge of returning to you. Give them every encouragement!
  • Wherever possible, move away from the focus on price, concentrate on highlighting the increased levels of service and protection provided by the add on.
  • Be persistent!
Brokers adopt different strategies for the way that they sell Theft Protect. It all really depends on how significant the price issue is to your business.
The three main choices brokers have illustrated to us are :-
  • Compulsory sale - included with every policy
  • Assumptive sale - included with quote giving customer opt out facility
  • Upselling - selling the core policy first, then either upselling immediately or approaching later through outbound calling or other method.
Each has its pro's and cons.
Compulsory sales generate the highest volume, however they necessitate a lower premium. Brokers adopting this tactic tend to generate more income and profit due to the volume. Brokers however report that there are only so many add ons that can be succesfully built in before the overall price to the customer appears less attractive. Keeping the commissions low is key to the success in this category.
Assumptive sales work well. Brokers achieve as much as 75% take up in this category, again by reducing commissions, though not to the extent of the compulsory sale. The downside is the opt out rate can vary from region to region.
Upselling works particularly well once a broker has defined the strategic plan to outbound call the customer, or ensure the product is mentioned once the core policy is secured. The downside is more broker driven, by the attitude towards price as the most important factor.
We have examples of brokers that are selling Theft Protect stand alone, regardless of whether they hold the core motor policy. Some sell Theft Protect to their home or commercial customers, capturing motor details in the process. Brokers are successfully using this strategy in different parts of the UK. If you have yet to get started, what is stopping you?

There are plenty of innovative brokers out there with strategies that work. Become one of them.

These pages will continue to put forward broker ideas and inspired techniques that work. Share your successes here and hopefully you will find tips that will help you too!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Increase Your Customer Flow With Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation:

New and Improved 10 Tips to the Top

Having a website that gets found in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, etc. isn't hard to do, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are our latest and greatest tips to get you started:

1. Do not purchase a new domain unless you have to. Due to Google's aging delay for all new domains, your best bet is to use your existing domain/website if at all possible. If you're redesigning or starting from scratch and you have to use a brand-new domain for some reason, you can expect to wait a good 9-12 months before your site will show up in Google for any keyword phrases that are important to you.

2. Optimize your site for your target audience, not for the search engines. This may sound counterintuitive, but hear me out. The search engines are looking for pages that best fit the keyword phrase someone types into their little search box. If those "someones" are typing in search words that relate to what your site offers, then they are most likely members of your target audience. You need to optimize your site to meet *their* needs. If you don't know who your target audience is, then you need to find out one way or another. Look for studies online that might provide demographic information, and visit other sites, communities, or forums where your target audience might hang out and listen to what they discuss. This information will be crucial to your resulting website design, keyword research, and copywriting.

3. Research your keyword phrases extensively. The phrases you think your target market might be searching for may very well be incorrect. To find the optimal phrases to optimize for, use research tools such as KeywordDiscovery, Wordtracker, Google AdWords, and Yahoo Search Marketing data. Compile lists of the most relevant phrases for your site, and choose a few different ones for every page. Never shoot for general keywords such as "travel" or "vacation," as they are rarely (if ever) indicative of what your site is really about.

4. Design and categorize your site architecture and navigation based on your keyword research. Your research may uncover undiscovered areas of interest or ways of categorizing your products/services that you may wish to add to your site. For instance, let's say your site sells toys. There are numerous ways you could categorize and lay out your site so that people will find the toys they're looking for. Are people looking for toys to fit their child's stage of development? (Look for keyword phrases such as "preschool toys.") Or are they more likely to be seeking specific brands of toys? Most likely, your keyword research will show you that people are looking for toys in many different ways. Your job is to make sure that your site's navigation showcases the various ways of searching. Make sure you have links to specific-brand pages as well as
specific age ranges, specific types of toys, etc.

5. Program your site to be "crawler-friendly." The search engines can't fill out forms, can't search your site, can't read JavaScript links and menus, and can't interpret graphics and Flash. This doesn't mean that you can't use these things on your site; you most certainly can! However, you do need to provide alternate means of navigating your site as necessary. If you have only a drop-down sequence of menus to choose a category or a brand of something, the search
engine crawlers will never find those resulting pages. You'll need to make sure that you always have some form of HTML links in the main navigation on every page which link to the top-level pages of your site. From those pages, you'll need to have further HTML links to the individual product/service pages. (Please note that HTML links do NOT have to be text-only links. There's nothing wrong with graphical image navigation that is wrapped in standard tags, as search engines can follow image links just fine.)

6. Label your internal text links and clickable image alt attributes (also known as alt tags) as clearly and descriptively as possible. Your site visitors and the search engines look at the clickable portion of your links (the anchor text) to help them understand what they're going to find once they click through. Don't make them guess what's at the other end with links that say "click here" or other non-descriptive words. Be as descriptive as possible with every text and graphical link on your site. The cool thing about writing your anchor text and alt attributes to be descriptive is that you can almost always describe the page you're pointing to by using its main keyword phrase.

7. Write compelling copy for the key pages of your site based on your chosen keyword phrases and your target market's needs, and make sure it's copy that the search engines can "see." This is a crucial component to having a successful website. The search engines need to read keyword-rich copy on your pages so they can understand how to classify your site. This copy shouldn't be buried in graphics or hidden in Flash. Write your copy based on your most relevant keyword phrases while also making an emotional connection with your site visitor. (This is where that target audience analysis comes in handy!) Understand that there is no magical number of words per page or number of times to use your phrases in your copy. The important thing is to use your keyword phrases only when and where it makes sense to do so for the real people reading your pages. Simply sticking keyword phrases at the top of the page for no apparent reason isn't going to cut it, and it just looks silly.

8. Incorporate your keyword phrases into each page's unique Title tag. Title tags are critical because they're given a lot of weight with every search engine. Whatever keyword phrases you've written your copy around should also be used in your Title tag. Remember that the information that you place in this tag is what will show up as the clickable link to your site at the search engines. Make sure that it accurately reflects the content of the page it's on, while also using the keyword phrases people might be using at a search engine to find your stuff.

9. Make sure your site is "link-worthy." Other sites linking to yours is a critical component of a successful search engine optimization campaign, as all of the major search engines place a good deal of emphasis on your site's overall link popularity. You can go out and request hundreds or thousands of links, but if your site stinks, why would anyone want to link to it? On the other hand, if your site is full of wonderful, useful information, other sites will naturally link to it
without your even asking. It's fine to trade links; just make sure you are providing your site visitors with only the highest quality of related sites. When you link to lousy sites, keep in mind what this says to your site visitors as well as to the search engines.

10. Don't be married to any one keyword phrase or worried too much about rankings. If you've done the above 9 things correctly, you will start to see an increase in targeted search engine visitors to your site fairly quickly. Forget about where you rank for any specific keyword phrase and instead measure your results in increased traffic, sales, and conversions. A good free
resource is statcounter.com at http://www.statcounter.com/

It certainly won't hurt to add new content to your site if it will really make your site more useful, but don't simply add a load of fluff just for the sake of adding something. It really is okay to have a business site that is just a business site and not a diatribe on the history of your products. Neither your site visitors nor the engines really give a hoot!

A copy of this Top Tips article can be downloaded by following this link :-

Download the Nice 1 Top Ten SEO Tips

Watch these pages for our Top Tips on Google, how to access lots of FREE gadgets that will help drive business to your sites, and lots more besides.

Theft Protect - Features & Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • Immediate like-for like replacement vehicle for up to 28 days
  • Theft , Attempt Theft, Unauthorised Take, Vandalism (new!) & “Fault Write Off” cover
  • 10 passenger car (2 prestige), 3 cv, 3 motorcycle & 7 Private hire vehicle groups
  • Avoid exposure to car hire costs, typically £300 for 14 days hire of a Group A vehicle
  • Can be purchased in 1,2,3,4 or 5 year multiples
  • Stand alone, not tied to buying other products (Now generating significant interest for aggregator brokers)

Broker Benefits

  • Private & Commercial Vehicle Cover
  • 10 passenger car (2 prestige), 3 cv, 3 motorcycle & 7 Private hire vehicle groups
  • 14, 21 & 28 day options available
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 year options available
  • Provision For “Write Off” Customers
  • Broker sets own selling rate/commission
  • Simple on-line processing & certificates, cover arranged in minutes
  • Full Marketing Support
  • Increase your product portfolio
  • Generate additional revenue streams
  • Sell standalone to capture renewal dates for core policy marketing
  • Fully functional in CDL as part of quote process & stand alone in Schemes Engine 110
  • Can be sold in conjunction with other broker software (New … csv data download facility)
  • Up-to-date crime statistics available to assist broker marketing efforts
  • Customer awareness flash presentation available for broker websites
  • Can be built in to brokers’ Quote n Buy facilities (Brokers can have links and/or implant product onto their site).
  • Adaptable to multi site & mixed profile brokerages.
  • Fulfillment facility available for volume capacity.

A Few Endorsements

"It's a very easy sell, once you actually talk to the client about it. Don't be afraid to talk about it at the same time as you're selling a motor insurance policy because you'll find clients are extremely receptive to it. It's now our second highest performing add-on product - brokers just need to embrace it "

Mark Lee, Operational Development Manager, Wesleyan General Insurance.

“Theft Protect has proved to be a resounding success within the sales teams at our various companies. Like most brokers we sell a variety of add-ons, some more successfully than others and Theft Protect definitely comes into the more successful category. Without doubt a very worthwhile product.”

Mervyn Vaughan, Operations Director, Markerstudy Retail Group.

“We offer Theft Protect to all of our customers. The prices are pitched sensibly so do not affect our motor retention. The claims service is excellent and we don’t have the worry of a customer without a vehicle for these incidents. We reached the 100 policy units in no time!”.

Brian McCullough, Sam McCullough Insurance, Newry, N.I.

“Theft Protect is our easiest add on product. It’s so simple to explain and sell in our call centre and the majority of our customers want the cover. The fact that it’s now available in CDL and its flexibility as a stand alone product makes it a natural product for our outbound teams to sell mid term. The potential to capture more core business with it is excellent.

Stephen Jones & Eddie Weekes, Directors, Tick Direct

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Welcome All Insurance Brokers

If you are a UK insurance broker, this site is for you.

International brokers are welcome too. However, the content on this site is intended for the UK insurance broker market. Feel free to explore the site and make any suggestions for its improvement.

This site is all about the UK Insurance broker and the challenges, issues and opportunities faced by you and your business.

Over the coming months, the site will be updated with your suggestions. Whilst hosted by the team at Nice 1 Ltd, who promote Theft Protect replacement vehicle insurance, the content is driven by you, your interests and requirements.

Regular posts will be issued from the site, with a particular bias toward motor insurance. News items, discussion topics and a broker forum are planned, with select membership so that you may post your views and observations freely.

Replies to posts are up to you. Contact us with your e mail address and we will add you as an authorised member, permitted to post replies. When the forum is uploaded, posts may be anonymous. The content will be moderated to maintain acceptable standards. If you want to receive e mails when the site is updated, to be advised of new posts and replies, click the buttons opposite that best suit your requirements.

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From our travels around the country, meeting with brokers of all sizes and business profiles, we know there is plenty of worthwhile subjects to debate. Be as contraversial or innovative as you want. The tone is informal, so let's hear from you!

To send us a message now, to ask for more details of Theft Protect, arrange a meeting, click the "contact me" button below. Once you have sent the message, the software will return you to these pages so you may continue browsing.

With kind regards

The Theft Protect Team


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