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The team at Nice 1, providers of Theft Protect Replacement Vehicle Insurance, are delighted to provide access to a great new resource for UK motorists that is totally FREE.

Type a postcode and registration number into this free online tool, confirm the vehicle make and model, and you are then presented with a security rating for that car and the location it is kept.

This solves the age old mystery for UK motorists – how to get free access to information about how safe from crime their vehicle is, or how safe the vehicle they are planning to buy is, according to the area where it’s parked in and the type of vehicle it is.

This unique tool also provides the ABI security ranking, and explains how that system rates male and female drivers according to age. Few people know that a female under 24 or a male under 30 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 20 ABI groups. Insurance will go up rapidly after ABI 20, and most insurers will decline above ABI 33. Females over 24 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 33 ABI and insurance will go up rapidly after ABI 33. Males over 30 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 33 ABI and insurance will go up rapidly after 33.

The security rating is an estimate based on government and industry vehicle crime data. The data is combined to take account of where the vehicle is kept overnight, the vehicle's theft desirability and manufactured security. Scores range from 'excellent' - nine stars or more - to 'extremely poor' - one star. An 'excellent' score has an approximate probability of less than 1-in-1000 chance of being stolen, broken into or vandalised over the year and 'extremely poor' has a greater than 1-in-10 chance."

The tool draws its data from the ABI and the Thatcham vehicle security site. Thatcham is the research and development unit owned by the UK insurance industry.

So, whether your customer is thinking of buying a new car, getting or renewing their car insurance, or simply want to find out how secure their car is, click the link below or to the right of the page.

Brokers should do this on behalf of the customer, as the link directs to an alternative insurance portal.

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With compliments & kind regards
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The team at Nice 1 Limited regularly produce car crime information for the UK motoring public and to assist the marketing efforts of our authorised Theft Protect agents.

For the first time in the UK, Nice 1 are delighted to produce the 2009 Car Crime figures by Post Code area. The information contained on the map above and tables below is extracted from the full Home Office statistics. Insurance companies and intermediaries frequently publish similar data, however, their data is only drawn from the sample of their own customers. The information reprinted here is the most accurate and current information compiled from the car crime incidents recorded by the UK police forces.

Full UK car crime data is available, both as incident counts per town or city, and as the detail below, on the basis of a count per 1000 head of population. The national average for car theft is around 7 per 1000. The map and tables below provide an indication as to the vulnerability to car theft offences in the safest and riskest places in the UK.



Nice 1 Ltd collate car crime statistics from Home Office and police sources in order to provide the UK motoring public with the most accurate picture of car crime across the country and in specific areas. In addition to the offences per head of population, information is also gathered about the number of incidents recorded per town and city.

Further details may be requested by e mail at the contact address at the foot of the page or by clicking the contact me button elsewhere on these pages.

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UK Crime 2008/09 - At A Glance - Part 1

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The crime analysis team at Nice 1 Limited are delighted to be the first to present the "real picture" of car crime in the UK, compiled from the recently released Home Office crime figures.

In the first of the series published from the latest Nice 1 site at we look at car crime as it was recorded by the 43 police forces of England & Wales* for the 2008/09 financial year.

Previous articles from these pages and the other Nice 1 sites have commented on the disparity between the two sets of Home Office crime statistics that reflect an under reporting of all categories of crime. See previous posts for details.

A new series of articles examining the Home Office crime figures will be published from the new crime statistics site at Click the link to explore the new site and to sign up for updates as they are posted

The Nice 1 team, starting with Home Office source data, have amalgamated the correct population figures for each of the 376 local authority districts, and allocated the crime statistics to the post codes of the areas concerned. From this, we were able to produce, for the first time, a post code map of the UK highlighting the Car Crime hotspots.

This visual representation is unique in that it portrays the statitics more clearly. Please remember though, that this is the "best case" scenario, in light of the under reporting, and under allocation issues previously reported.

In the map above, the areas marked in red suffered significantly higher than average levels of car crime in 2008/09. Areas in amber were at best, in line with the national average. Areas in white encountered lower levels of car crime than average. The map should be read in line with the previous statistical reports, showing the number of incidents and the frequency of offences per 1000 head of population. (The Nice 1 Team do not believe this is the most accurate method for calculating frequency, and we are concluding our report that combines theft incidents with vehicles licensed on UK roads for the period, which is a more accurate representation).

Future visual crime mapping will include anlysis of key police recorded incidents including:-

  • Burglary
  • Violence against the person
  • Robbery
  • Other Theft Offences
  • Fraud & Forgery
  • Criminal Damage

The Nice 1 Team are happy to assist you, should you require further information about the extent and trends of crime in your area. To contact us, click the 'contact me' button, or see the contact details at the foot of the page.

Businesses involved in car insurance, motor sales, finance and security are welcome to contact us for more information on how our crime analysis can help you with your marketing efforts.

To sign up for updates as they appear on these pages, complete your details in the e mail link to the right of this article.

To view other articles with news content about crime in the uk, please visit our consumer site at

The Crime Analysis Team

Nice 1 Limited

*Scotland & Ireland are not included in the police source data

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


  • The crime analysis team at Nice 1 Ltd are delighted to announce that a new site has been launched to provide "At-A-Glance" reviews of the recently released Home Office crime figures.
  • The new site, launched to co-incide with the ITV1 series presented by trevor McDonald, presents information in easy to view formats, enabling the consumer and trade professionals to quickly identify crime trends by each geographical district in the UK.
  • The reports are often incisive and frequently contraversial in their findings, placing a different slant on the variances between recorded police crime and the much larger incident numbers that go unreported.
To view the new site click here

Happy reading!

The Crime Analysis Team
Nice 1 Ltd

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